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(6th WEEK) BCQs
Q1) Mark the Structure in the anterior compartment of the thigh
a) Pectineus***
Q2)Muscles of the poterior compartment of the thigh true is:
c)Biceps femoris***
Q3)Regarding Iliotibial tract following is false
b) Inserted into the medial condyle of tibia***
Q4)Regarding boundries of Femoral triangle true is:
c) Roof is flat***
Q5) Contents of femoral triangle are all except :
d) Obturator lymph nodes***
Q6)Regarding Femoral sheath false is:
a)The lesser saphenous nerve and lymphatic vessels pierces the femoral sheath.***
Q7)Regarding adductor canal followiing is false:
c) Acts as a passage for the femoral vessels to pass to the Olecranon fossa***
Q8)Following are the parts included in the Gluteal region
e)Sacrotrochlear ligament***
Q9)The muscles of the Gluteal region are all except:
b) Pronator quadratus***
Q10)The upper extremity has following bony features except:
e)Linea aspera. ***
Q11) The shaft of femur has following borders in upper 1/3 except:
d)Medial lip of Gluteal tuberosity. ***
Q12) Which one is not the surface of lower 1/3 of shaft of femur:
d)Posterior surface. ***
Q13) Vastus intermedius arises from:
d)Upper ¾ of anterior & lateral surface. ***
Q14) The insertion of adductor longus is in between:
a) Vastus medialis & adductor magnus. ***
Q15)Greater trochanter provide attachment to following except:
e)Gastrocnemius. ***
Q16) Q1. Injuries resulting from deliberate acts of violence against oneself or others are?.
d)Intentional injuries***
Q17) The WHO definition then subdivides violence into?
b) Three broad categories, Self-directed violence, Interpersonal violence, Collective violence.***
Q18) The most commonly used paradigm in the injury prevention field?
e)Haddon Matrix***
Q19) Lateral Cutaneous Nerve Of Thigh (Lateral Femoral Cutaneous) is the branch of?
c) Lumbar plexus.***
Q20) Skin over the lateral gluteal region and above the pubis is supplied by?
e) Iliohypogastric nerve.***
Q21) Skin over the root of the penis and upper part of the scrotum (male), skin covering the mons
pubis and labium majus (female) is supplied by?
a) Ilioinguinal nerve.****
Q22) Cremaster muscle is supplied by?
b) Genitofemoral nerve***
Q23)Obturator nerve and Accessory obturator nerve root values are?
d) L2,L3,L4***
Q24) Iliohypogastric nerve root value is?
e) L1***
q25) Regarding space of parona, choose the correct:
d) lies just in front of the pronator quadratus and deep to the long flexor tendons***
Q26) Regarding pulp spaces of fingers, choose the best:
c) Tips of fingers and thumb contain subcutaneous fat arranged in tight compartments by fibrous septa
Q27) Regarding midpalmar and thenar spaces, choose the best:
d) Infection of midpalmar space may result from web infection which has spread proximally through the
lumbrical canals***
Q28) Regarding gracilis, choose the best:
c) Anterior division of obturator nerve is nerve supply***
Q29) Regarding adductor magnus, choose the best:
c) Hamstring part innervated by tibial part of sciatic nerve***
Q30) Regarding medial circumflex femoral artery, choose the best:
e) Transverse branch passes across to form one limb of to cruciate anastomosis***
Q31) Regarding epidemiological transition, choose the best:
d) Africa have not yet completed the second phase of the epidemiologic transition***
Q32) Following is not possible determinants of epidemiological transition:
d) Decreased use of tobacco products***
Q33) Following is not determinants of health transition:
d) The decreasing epidemics of obesity in all countries***
Q34) Regarding sartorious muscle
D) lateral rotator of leg at knee joint***
Q35) Regarding iliacus muscle
E)ateral rotator of hip joint***
Q36) regarding psoas major muscle:
C)medial rotator of hip joint***
Q37) following is not the branch of femoral artery:
E) popliteal artery***
Q38) following is not the tributary of femoral vein:
E) short saphenous vein***
Q39) avascular necrosis of neck of femur during fracture is due to disruption of which artery:
A) medial circumflex femoral artery***
Q40) regarding rectus femoris muscle:
B) it is innervated by anterior division of femoral nerve***