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Beijing Jiaotong University
Located in downtown Beijing, capital city of China, and established in 1896, Beijing Jiaotong
University (a.k.a. Northern Jiaotong University, hereinafter referred to as BJTU) is a multidisciplinary
national key university, leading in communication and information engineering, economics and
management, and traffic and transportation, with Signal and Information Processing and Traffic
Information Engineering and Control ranked No. 1 in China. BJTU has about 14,000 full-time
undergraduate students and 7,000 graduate students. BJTU started to recruit international students in
1954 and has trained over 3,200 international students from over 100 countries. With “To learn and to
Practice” as the motto and “Smile, Care, Quality and Pleasure” as the aim for the service rendered to
international students, efforts have been made to bring about the BJTU’s brand of education for
international students. In 2008, over 400 international students from 70 countries have been studying at
BJTU, which is the university closest to the city center.
Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)
1. Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Information Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Railway Rolling Stock
Computer Science and Technology
Biomedical Engineering
10. Communications Engineering
11. Automation
12. Electronic Science and Technology
13. Architecture (5 Years)
14. Art Design
15. Traffic and Transportation
16. Law
17. English
18. Communication
19. Economics
20. Business Administration
21. Information Management and Information System
22. Engineering Management
23. Logistic Management
24. Civil Engineering
25. Environmental Engineering
Master’s Degree(2.5-3 years)/General Scholar(1-2 years)
1. Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus
Power System and its Automation
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Vehicle Engineering
10. Materialogy
11. Materials Processing Engineering
12. Engineering Thermophysics
13. Power Machinery and Engineering
14. Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
15. Safety Technology and Engineering
16. Vehicle Operation Engineering
17. Education Technology
18. Human-Machine Interaction Engineering
19. Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
20. Computer Science and Technology
21. Biomedical Engineering
22. Signal and Information Processing
23. Organic Optoelectronics
24. Operational Research and Cybernetics
25. Computational Mathematics
26. Probability and Mathematical Statistics
27. Circuits and Systems
28. Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
29. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
30. Communication and Information Systems
31. Information Network and Security
32. Control Theory and Control Engineering
33. Traffic Information Engineering and Control
34. Intelligent Traffic Engineering
35. Environmental Engineering
36. Architectural Design and Theory
37. Design Art
38. System Analysis and Integration
39. Systems Engineering
40. Traffic Information Engineering and Control
41. Intelligent Traffic Engineering
42. Transportation and Logistics
43. Urban Traffic Engineering
44. Marxism Philosophy
45. Economic Law
46. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
47. Philosophy of Science and Technology
48. Fundamental Principles of Marxism
49. Studies on China-Oriented Marxism
50. Education in Ideology and Politics
51. International law
52. Finance (including Insurance)
53. Industrial Economics
54. Regional Economics
55. Labor Economics
56. Statistics
57. Management Science and Engineering
58. Accounting
59. Corporate Management
60. Tourism Management
61. Technology Economy and Management
62. Social Security
63. Solid Mechanics
64. Engineering Mechanics
65. Geotechnical Engineering
66. Structural Engineering
67. Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Protection Engineering
68. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
69. Road and Railway Engineering
70. Urban Railway Engineering
Doctoral Degree(3-4 years)/ Senior Scholar(1 years)
1. Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus
Power System and its Automation
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
Vehicle Operation Engineering
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
10. Vehicle Engineering
11. Safety Technology and Engineering
12. Human-Machine Interaction Engineering
13. Computer Science and Technology
14. Signal and Information Processing
15. Organic Optoelectronics
16. Operational Research and Cybernetics
17. Computational Mathematics
18. Probability and Mathematical Statistics
19. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technique
20. Communication and Information System
21. Traffic Information Engineering and Control
22. Information Network and Security
23. Optical Communication and Mobile Communication
24. Intelligent Traffic Engineering
25. System Analysis and Integration
26. Systems Engineering
27. Traffic Information Engineering and Control
28. Transportation and Logistics
29. Urban Traffic Engineering
30. Intelligent Traffic Engineering
31. Industrial Economics
32. Accounting
33. Corporate Management
34. Management Science
35. Logistics Management and Engineering
36. Information Management
37. Engineering and Project Management
38. Securities Management and Engineering
39. Solid Mechanics
40. Engineering Mechanics
41. Geotechnical Engineering
42. Structural Engineering
43. Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Protection Engineering
44. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
45. Road and Railway Engineering
46. Urban Railway Engineering
Estimated Costs of Self-financed International Students Studying in China
Application fee: RMB 600/person for graduates, RMB 500/person for others
Chinese Language Program
General Further Study
Senior Further Study
Accommodation fee:
Single Room: 24000 RMB /year. (public toilet, public shower room and public kitchen)
Double room: 12600 RMB /year/bed (public toilet, public shower room and public kitchen)
14000 RMB /year/bed (independent toilet, independent shower room, without kitchen.)
Notes for the accommodation:
Indoor facilities of the dormitory: TV, air conditioner, telephone, Internet access; Desks, chairs,
wardrobes, beds and beddings.
The room is provided with lighting of the ceiling lamp free of charge. The other power consumption
should be paid separately by the students themselves.
Contact Information:
Office for International Students
Beijing Jiaotong University
3 Shangyuancun Xizhimenwai Beijing 100044, P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-5168 8351/8201
Fax: +86-10-6225 5671
E-mail: [email protected]