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Azuhura Msofe
Humanities – The Scavenger hunt
Miss Nickell
1. Who was Diego Bermudez, and what did he have to do with Christopher
"A young sailor, Diego Bermudez, tended the sails on Columbus' first voyage to the
Americas." – Beat.
2. What did Henry the Navigotor do in 1416?
"He feared persecution or even death at the hands of church leaders who insisted that
the earth was the center of the universe. He also worried that the scientific community
would reject his theories." – Svenja.
3. When did Columbus arrive in the Americas?
"1492" – Ossian.
4. Who sailed around the tip of South America? When?
“The year was 1519, and it was Magellan who accomplished this amazing feat!" –
5. What were the consequences for Copericus for developing his theory of the suncentered solar system?
" One of them discovered that the earth and the planets orbited around the sun. This
was explorers could chart the heavens and use the pattern of the stars to steer by. The
other improved upon this idea and created maps showing that the planets did not move
in a circular pattern, but in an elliptical, or oval, pattern, increasing the accuracy of
navigation." – Sacha.
6. What did Galileo use his telescope for?
" He used it to study the sky. He saw craters and mountains on the moon and
discovered that moons orbit Jupiter." – Michael.
7. What does Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica have to do with sailing?
" His three laws of motion described how objects move in space. The law of gravity was
also a way to explain why ships did not fall off the end of the earth." – Giacomo.
8. How did the explorations of the European Explorers create a new economic
system called Capitalism?
"It is an economic system in which individuals and private businesses run most
industries. With ships of their own merchants could export and import their own goods
for their own profit." – Azuhura.
9. How did explorers benefit from the accomplishments of Nicolaus Copernicus and
Johannes Kepler?
"He set up his school of Navigation in 1416." – Sam.
10. Which invention by Galileo benefitted the explorers the most?
" The Telescope." – Lisa.