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Review for exam 4 chapters 8, 9, 10
The remains of plants, animals, and microorganisms
The controlled use of fire
The shift from using wood as a source of fuel to coal
Participation in the Industrial Revolution,
The price of a liter of gasoline is determined by
Historical sequence of fuel use in the U.S. from 1800 to the present.
Consumer goods responsible for creating jobs, increasing energy consumption, and altering people's
Production of electrical energy
Car engine with zero emissions
The primary source of energy in much of the developing world
The principal use of oil during the first 60 years of production
Carboniferous period
The of energy and goods and services
The primary source of energy in much of the developing world
Oil drilling in Alaska's ANWR
Natural gas reserves in different part of the world
forms of fossil fuel
Ethanol production
Acid mine drainage
Platform with many wells secured to the ocean floor
Hydroelectric power plants location
Types of biomass
burning of paper and plastics
mining heat
Environmental problems associated with large hydroelectric dams
Environmental problems associated with geothermal energy
Alternative to drilling for oil in ANWAR
Ethanol production
Characteristics of types of coal
Forms of electromagnetic radiation
Public acceptance of nuclear power plants
Correct sequence of steps in the nuclear fuel cycle.
Waste consisting primarily of various isotopes of plutonium
Forms of energy released from nuclear disintegration
Sources of radioactivity from uranium mine tailings
Heat generated in a nuclear power plant as waste heat
Biological effects of ionizing radiation
Biological damage caused by different forms of radiation.
Radioactive isotope is generally used to fuel a controlled nuclear chain reaction
Yucca Mountain, Nevada
The first goal for developing nuclear energy
Current development and construction of nuclear power plants
Stag Field in Chicago in 1942
Parts of nuclear reactors