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MY views on Indian Journalists:
Since the advent of journalism in India, The present Bunch of journalists are not found to
be as dedicated and sincere to their work as they should be. There are several factors for
this, but for the time being let us not go through the Intricacies.
At The prima facie, an Indian journalist attire is something like this: A Kurta which starts
from the top, a pant for the legs and a long bag that stretches until his Knees and a pen in
his hand waiting for an opportunity to fill up the notepad in his bag with the things
happening around him. They used to write articles with a lot of conviction. I do not say
that today’s journalists do not write with conviction, but their motive is different. They
take a Prejudice view of the things that are in news. I think that the coercing factors are
that they have become more materialistic and the management sways these journalists for
their Political Contacts. No matter is bound to be Authentic now. So now we cannot
endorse the views of journalists.
Suppose there is a Press conference of a political party, the journalists seem to be more
inclined to eat those snacks provided there, than to arbiter their performance. They do not
Embark their views and prove their mettle in writing irrational articles. The Ardor for
writing seems to be lost and they turn a Nelson’s eye for those things that deserve a place
in the paper, and their enterprising nature seems to be lost in the wilderness of politics.
They do not seem to gauge things correctly and should try to induce their point and get
back their eloquence and leave the GAB. Their articles seem to be insipid and vapid.
They should salvage their pride. Their detractors have scored here. After the Tehelka
Fiasco, the investigative Journalism is a lot talked about. Our country is correct place for
trend setting. Now there will be portals popping up on the lines of tehelka, were there will
many companies going or trying to make a news of nothing with those hidden cameras.
Though tehelka revelation led to political catastrophe, but now there will be a new phase
of journalism that will try to evoke the same enthusiasm as the tehelka offered. To be
more candid, this also involves a lot of money. Entrepreneurs will have a boom time now.
Soon we will have hoardings and advertisements viz.
“This part of the Political Fixing brought to you by coca-cola” or TV channels airing
their advertisements like “Watch The PM live in a Casino tonight at 21.30 hrs” or may be
some minister’s live SEX scandal or affair. Is somebody knocking at our privacy, trying
to peep into our life, and making it all public? The ethics seem to be lost. Moral Ethos no
more seems to be there. This mad vogue should be put to an end and the plethora of
enthusiasm has to retrograde for it is Superfluous. The Journalist has to acquit and
extricate himself from this brevity else the repercussions will not be palliative. Journalists
seem to mitigate on things that are severe while ponder on petty things. Journalism is
rotting and for it to perpetuate, aggressive Journalism is to be brought in. Though all
Journalists are not heterogeneous but seem to scotch when it comes to print an authentic
article. They do not venture in writing against some people and play safe by staying
resolutely aloof from them. The thing is it could be Lethal if they write anything about an
influential person who has the support of both the mass and the Police. So they deem not
to pay any heed to any of the activities of the influential person. But this could prove
venomous. These vitiated Person deserve to be punished. A journalist must be fastidious
and omniscient of the things around him, conspicuous I mean. Mayhem should be
Ours is not Anarchy, nor it is Autocracy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, aristocracy or a
monarchy. But is it bureaucracy? Journalism should be considered as a religion, and the
blasphemy must be avoided.
A. Balsubramanian.
JBIET,3rd Year.