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What is Marfan Syndrome?
Marfan Syndrome is an
inherited connective tissue disorder that
can affect many different parts of the
body. Because connective tissue is
found throughout the body, the
Marfan syndrome can affect many
body systems, including the
skeleton, eyes, heart and blood
vessels, nervous system, skin and
lungs. Marfans is a degenerative
The heart abnormalities
associated with this condition are
the most life-threatening and the
most important to detect. The
major heart abnormality is
weakening of the root of the aorta
which leads to dilation of that root
and, at extremes, aneurysm
formation and rupture.
tissue in individuals with Marfan
syndrome is damaged, the tissue
holding the lens can become weak or
tear. The dislocation can be so severe
How it affects the eyes:
Dislocated Lenses
that the lens of the eye may float freely
within the cavity instead of remaining
attached by connective tissue.
Some of the symptoms include
mild or severe nearsightedness, blurry
vision or an astigmatism which occurs
when your eye is irregularly shaped
like a football instead of being round.
An ophthalmologist can confirm this
condition using a slit-lamp eye exam
One or both lenses may sit
higher or lower than normal or they
may shift to one side. One eye may also
be worse than the other. Most people
with Marfan syndrome will experience
dislocated lenses before they reach the
age of 10. Because the connective
that involves a specialized microscope.
Other ocular abnormalities may include
nearsightedness, cataracts, detached
retinas, or glaucoma.
Early diagnosis and advances in
medical technology allows doctors to
intervene and prevent or delay
complications. Advances being made
by researchers provide hope for the
future. With early diagnosis and
appropriate management, the life
expectancy for someone with the
Marfan syndrome is similar to that of
the average person.
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What is Marfan Syndrome?