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Calypso, The Sweet Nymph
A nymph is alluring, beautiful and can pull you in,
a goddess.
Calypso is the LAST place Odysseus goes before
he is allowed to go home.
It has been 10 years since the war ended. All of his
men are dead. He is the only survivor.
Odysseus expected to be with his men forever.
They were like brothers to him. Odysseus is
extremely sad. The men all died after the war
For 7 years he is with Calypso. The first 3 years
all of his men died.
Every day, Odysseus sits on the beach and cries
for his wife, Penelope. He wants to go home to her.
Every night, Calypso casts a spell on Odysseus
and they have an affair. She works her magic on
Athena is Odysseus guardian. She is a goddess.
She steps in to help him.
Athena goes to Zeus and says, “You need to tell
Calypso to let Odysseus leave. She can not hold
him any longer.”
Zeus agrees with Athena. It has been long enough.
He sends Hermes, the messenger god, to give
Calypso a message to let Odysseus go.
After Calypso gets the message she goes to find
Odysseus and she offers him a CHOICE.
1. You can go home to your wife Penelope and
eventually you both will die because you are
human and will grow old (mortal).
2. You can stay here with me, and LIVE
FOREVER! (immortal)
He chooses to go home and see Penelope. He is a
romantic. The true love of his life is Penelope. He
goes home to Penelope and his son, Telemachus.
Calypso gives Odysseus the tools to build a RAFT.
He leaves the island and floats out to the middle of
the ocean.
Now he is in the middle of Poseidon’s kingdom.
Poseidon creates a big storm, which destroys the
raft and knocks Odysseus unconscious.
He washes up on the shore of an island.