Download IV Blood – delivers oxygen, hormones and nutrients to cells and

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IV Blood – delivers oxygen, hormones and nutrients to cells and
carries waste way/
A. Contains Plasma – carries red blood cells (RBC), white
blood cells (WBC) and platelets.
a. 55% of your blood
b. 92% water
B. Red Blood Cells (RBC) – carry oxygen from the lungs to
the body.
a. Hemoglobin – responsible for giving blood it’s red tint.
b. RBC – carry CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) the lungs so it can
be exhaled from the body.
C. White Blood Cells (WBC) – responsible for fighting
a. T-cells and B-cells
b. Produced in the bone marrow
D. Platelets – in charge of clotting
a. Fibrogen – material that forms a “mesh-like” wall stop
blood from exiting.
V Blood Types
A. Four Types: A, B, AB, O
a. Type “O” is the Universal Donor (can donate to any
other type.
Donates to
Receives From
VI Blood Vessels
A. Arteries – carry blood away from heart
B. Veins – carry blood to the heart
C. Capillaries – tiny “finger-like” vessels where arteries and
veins meet.
a. Nutrients enter bloodstream from body.