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Study Guide chapter 12
What is the SI unit for force?
What is another way to write a Newton(N)?
What happens when an unbalanced force acts on an object?
What is the net force when a pair of balanced forces acts on an object?
What kind of friction occurs when a shrimp swims through the water?
What happens to the sliding friction on a box when you slide it along the ground?
What are the forces acting on a falling piece of paper?
What is the difference between air resistance and fluid friction?
How does opening a parachute increase air resistance of a sky diver?
What causes projectile motion?
What is inertia?
Why does the man fly out of the car when it hits the brick wall?
What does Newton’s second law state?
What is the formula for Weight?
If an object goes to Mars and Mars gravity is 1/3 that of the Earth what will happen to the
weight of the object on Mars?
What does Newton’s 3rd law of motion describe?
Give 4 examples of action-reaction pairs.
What is the product of an object’s mass and velocity?
What is the law of conservation of momentum?
Define electric force.
Define magnetic force.
Which universal force acts only on protons and neutrons?
The Weak nuclear force is often associated with nuclear decay.
Which is the weakest of the universal forces? Magnetic,electric strong nuclear,or
What happens to the weight of an astronaut as they travel far from Earth?
What happens to the gravitational force between 2 objects as mass increases?
What is the force that keeps an object moving in a circle called?
What force does a grocery store scale measure?
What do you call the sum of all forces acting on an object?
What force acts on objects that touch as they move past each other?
What is the net force of an object that has reached terminal velocity?
What do you call the path of motion of a thrown baseball?
Which has more momentum a bowling ball or a golf ball if they are moving at the same
Which universal force is effective over the longest distance?