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French Revolution Jeopardy
French Society
1. Who made up the majority of the third estate?
2. Who belonged to the second estate?
3. Who belonged to the first estate?
4. Look at the picture on pg. 218. What does the picture represent about
French society?
5. Name the group of people at the top of the third estate or middle class
Causes of Revolution
1. Why were there bread riots in France?
2. Explain two reasons why France having economic troubles
3. Name the group assembled by the King to solve the problems of France,
which brought together all three estates
4. What was the problem with the system of voting in the Estates General for
third estate?
5. Members of this new group formed by frustrated members of the third estate
took the “Tennis Court Oath” and promised to not disperse until they had
created a sound and just constitution for France.
Moderate Reforms
1. What did the National Assembly do to the special privileges of the 1st and 2nd
2. How did the women of Paris show the king they wanted him to be a better
3. What happened to the Catholic Church which was once a powerful force in
4. How did the Constitution of 1791 change the Monarchy in France
5. Why was the Declaration of the Rights of Man important to male citizens in
Radical Phase
1. As the revolution entered its second phase, the radical phase, radicals
demanded more change. What type of government did they want?
2. Explain the Reign of Terror
3. Explain two changes which led France to be called “New France”
4. Name the Committee which was formed to deal with the threats inside and
outside of France.
5. Name the man who headed the Committee on Public safety?
1. What happened to the King and Queen during the Reign of Terror?
2. Name the mechanism used to behead individuals
3. This medieval prison was stormed by peasants and became a symbol of the
4. This was made up of five men and a two house legislature. It was created in
reaction to the reign of terror and inability of the National Convention to solve
the problems of France
5. Name the group in the National Assembly or the group of working class men
and women who supported the formation of a republic.