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By : Fridgo Tasman, S.Pd., M.Sc.
A Set is a simply collection of distict objects.
The objects can be person, number, food, and
something else. Therefore, all the students
enrolled this course can be considered as a set.
The objects in a set are called the elements of
set (
If we let S represent of four number 2,4,6,
and 8. We can write by enumeration of
element by
2. Description
if we let L denoted the set of all positive
intergers. Enumeration became difficult
therefore we can write
if two sets S1 and S2 happen to contain
identical element for example
Then S1 and S2 are said to be equal (S1 = S2 )
2. Subset
one set might be a subset of another set. If
we have two sets
then S is subset of T, because every element
in S is also an element of T.
More formal element of that
S is a subset of T, if and only if
Using the set inclusion symbols Ϲ (is contain in)
and Ↄ (includes) we may then write
S Ϲ T or T Ↄ S
To take union of two set A and B means to
form a new set containing those element
(And only those elements),belonging to A, to
B or both A and B. The union set is
symbolized by
For Example :
The intersection of two sets, A and B, is a
new set which contain those element (and
only those elements),belonging to both A
and B. The intersection set is symbolized by
For Example: if A and B that defined in
previous page, then we have
3.Complement of a Set
If we talk about complement of set,we have
to know the universal of set. If we defined the
universal of set
and we
have set
therefore we can know
the complement of A is
The commutative law of union and intersection
2. The associative law of unions and
3. The distributive law of union and
What is Function?
y is said to be a function of x which is denoted
as y = f(x)
If any x value uniquely determine a y value
Therefore it will make a set of ordered pairs
which satisfy the property.
Linear Function is functions that have x as the
input variable, and x has an exponent of only 1.
Can be denoted as y=mx + b.
Example of Linear Function
y=4x+7,y=11x-10 and etc
If we ‘strict’ the value of y in linear function, it
will make linear equation. Therefore we can
defined linear equation as the equation which
has x exponent of only 1.
For Example : 7x + 5 = 8,
12x + 5 = 19 and etc
Linear Equation System is a colection of Linear
There are several ways to solve linear equation
1. Graph Method
2. Subsitusion Method
3. Elimination Method and
4. Determinant Method
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