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Final Facts
Alexander Hamilton was a federalist
The French and Indian War was the conflict that created the debt that American
colonists were expected to repay Great Britain
The House of Representatives represents the will of the people, which is why the
Constitution states that revenue bills must originate from it
An amendment is the process used to change the U.S Constitution
Korematsu v. United States was the court case that allowed the government to
restrict the rights of individuals during a time of national crisis
The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees all persons equal access to all public
recreation facilities
National party conventions are held by two major U.S political parties in order to
select a presidential candidate
Citizens hold a public hearing to discuss proposed locations for a company when
communities have disagreements about locations for new businesses
NC legislators have responded to concerns from parents about eh equality of
education by allowing the creation of charter schools.
10. If a judge remands a case, it is sent to a lower court
11. Court cases involving child adoption fall under the civil law jurisdiction
12. Center for Disease Control is primarily responsible for informing the public about a
flu epidemic
13. Special interest groups have too much influence because they donate significant
amounts of money to political campaigns is a frequent criticism of special interest
groups and their influence on the political process
14. If a person opens a booth at a flea market to sell paintings, this is an example of
15. The availability of workers with similar skills determine the wages or salary of a new
16. In case of a surplus, a shoe store would reduce the price of shoes
17. Banks use deposits to make loans
18. A decrease in consumer spending is most likely the result of high unemployment
19. If unemployment in the area increases, this would most likely be the result if an
industrial plant closing
20. Tolerance describes the willingness of citizens to respect the rights of people who
hold attitudes and beliefs different from their own
21. The Puritans left England to establish a colony in America because they wanted the
freedom to practice Christianity in their own way
22. Writing a letter of complaint to the mayor is protected by the Bill of Rights
23. Daniel Shay’s Rebellion convinced many U.S. citizens that a constitutional
convention was needed
24. Implied powers are defined by the Necessary and Proper Clause
25. McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) upheld the principle of implied powers
26. A state’s national guard is controlled by the governor
27. The case Leandro v. State of North Carolina (1997) protected the rights of students
in public schools
28. The United States has a two-party political party system
29. The most probable penalty for a person who violates a civil law is payment
30. A jury is “hung” when the jury cannot agree on a verdict
31. The characteristics that is required of the third party in arbitration is impartial on the
32. SKIP
33. Justinian Code simplified the Roman Laws
34. In a bank, there are tellers, loan officers, and managers. This arrangement
demonstrates a division of labor
35. Production capacity of workers will improve if employers provide education and
training for their employees
36. Lower prices, better quality, and greater choices of product is a result of healthy
competition in the market
37. The gov’t allows a tax deduction for interest payments on mortgage loans to
encourage people to invest in homes
38. If the economy is in a recession, the Federal Reserve Board will lower taxes to
initiate a recovery
39. U.S consumers would buy more domestic or European luxury cars if there was to be
a large increase in the excise tax on luxury cars imported from Japan
40. Voting in national elections is a civic responsibility
41. The Constitutional Convention created a republican system for the United States
42. Britain’s practice of salutary neglect before 1763 encouraged the colonies to move
toward revolution because this practice supported the development of selfgovernment and domestic production in the colonies
43. When the Britain practice salutary, the colonies supported the development of selfgovernment domestic production
44. The Electoral College limits the voting power of citizens because of the Electoral
College system; sometimes a president is elected who did not receive a majority of
popular votes
45. Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier made it were school-sponsored activities
and publications could be censored despite the guarantees of the First Amendment
46. A tax on cigarettes is an example of an excise tax
47. Recall is the procedure that allows voters to remove an elected official from office
48. The senators and representatives are elected exclusively by voters
49. A pocket veto is when the president sets the bill aside and ignores it
50. The sheriff’s department would most likely respond to a conflict between neighbors
who live outside the city limits
51. Federal Bureau of Investigation is the national level of police officers
52. U.S. Department of Justice primary responsibility is to investigate violations of
federal law
53. Scarcity is best explained as unlimited wants, limited resources
54. The increase of specialization will most likely increase productivity
Trade-off is like buying the more expensive model that is better and faster than the
cheaper model
56. Competition increase as the number of companies making similar products increase
57. Buyers and sellers decide the prices in the free enterprise model
58. Global interdependence is when people wear, drive, and eat products from other
59. Laissez-faire economics supports free enterprise
60. Developing a neighborhood watch program is the most effective action private
sector can take to improve safety and security
61. American Confederation main issue after the Shays’ Rebellion was a stronger
central government
62. The Anti-Federalists strongly supported the addition of the Bill of Rights to the U.S.
63. If two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress propose an amendment then the
amendment can be approved with three-fourths of the state legislatures ratifying it
64. The U.S. Supreme Court would most likely hear a case in which a defendant’s rights
are denied and the case is further appealed
65. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas extended the fourteenth
Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law
66. The party platform is the most reliable source of information for learning about the
views of a political party
67. The number of U.S representatives and senators from the state is used to determine
the number of electoral votes for each U.S state
68. The three levels of federal courts in the United States are the district, appeals, and
69. General agreements reached among a group’s member is an advantage of resolving
group conflicts by consensus
70. Littering is a misdemeanor
71. NASA and the Federal Reserve are both independent agencies
72. Rent is a fixed cost for a college student living in an apartment because the monthly
rent can be expected to stay the same for the term of the lease
73. A company might retrain workers in more efficient technologies in order to increase
74. The price decreases on a good when its supply increases and its demand decreases
75. A nation where decisions are made by central authority represents a command
76. The barter system was replaced by the use of money because money allows value to
be calculated
77. As stock market indicators improve, the business cycles is in a period of expansion
78. An extended recession in the US would affect the international economies because
they may also fall into a recession
79. Someone’s whose parents are both foreign citizens qualify to become the US
president by being born in the United States
80. A college graduate would most likely have financial security in the US economy