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The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution
“Bill of Rights”
- The Bill of Rights was added to protect the People from the Powers of
Government. Many states refused to ratify the original version of the
Constitution until a “Bill of People’s Rights” was added. James Madison
promised the states that if the constitution was ratified, then a “Bill of
Rights” would be added.
- The U.S. Constitution (articles I-VII) was ratified 1788
- The “Bill of Rights” (amendments 1-10) was ratified as a group in 1791
- The “Bill of Rights” refers to the 1st ten of the 27 amendments…. All 27
ARE part of the Constitution. – Jelly Bean Jar!
1st Amendment
- Freedom of:
- Religion
- Press
- Assembly
- Speech
- Petition
2nd Amendment
- The right to bear arms
3rd Amendment
- No quartering of troops in private homes during peacetime
4th Amendment
- No searches or seizures of property without a valid warrant
describing the place to be searched and the object to be seized
5th Amendment
- Must be indicted (grand jury) - formally accused of a crime
- No double jeopardy- cannot be tried twice for the same crime
- Cannot be forced to incriminate yourself (give evidence that will
point to your guilt).
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6th Amendment
- Right to a fair and speedy trial:
- Told the charges against themselves
- Impartial jury
- Trial held in district of crime
- Confront witnesses against themselves
- Subpoena witnesses for themselves
- Have an attorney
7th Amendment
- The right to have a jury in a civil trial
8th Amendment
- Bail and/or punishment cannot be cruel or unusual
9th Amendment
- The first eight amendments to the Constitution are not the only rights
that the people have. There are many rights that are not listed.
10th Amendment
- All power not delegated (given) to the Federal government is
reserved (saved) for the state governments.