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The component parts of the microcomputer: the system unit contains the
hub of the system, including the central processing unit (CPU),
information on all of the computer's peripheral devices, and often a fixed
disk drive. The monitor (or visual display unit) displays text and
graphics, the keyboard and mouse are used to input data, and the floppy
disk and CD-ROM drives read data stored on disks.
There are 4 basic parts to a computer and they are:
I/O, ALU, CU and Memory
I/O can be broken down to Input devices and Output devices
Input Devices include: keyboards, joysticks, mice, light pens, touchsensitive screens, scanners, graphics tablets, speech-recognition devices,
and vision systems.
Output Devices include: Any device for displaying, in a form intelligible
to the user, the results of processing carried out by a computer. This can
include monitors, printers, LEDs, traffic lights, motors and many other
The Arithmetic Logic Unit. In a computer, the part of the central
processing unit (CPU) that performs the basic arithmetic and logic
operations on data.
The Control Unit is the part of the central processing unit that decodes,
synchronizes, and executes program instructions.
Memory is like a page in a workbook it is where everything happens.
Other than the CPU is probably the most important part of your
Inside the computer
In todays computers there are 7 basic components they are
The Motherboard
The Power Supply
The Video board
The Hard Disk
Optical Drive
Normal power supplies can put out around 200 watts of power high end
PC’s can run at 800 watts and cost up to $700 a year to run.