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We have been assisting health technology clusters and R&D centers in Norway (Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo
Medtech and Intervention Centre & Oslo University Hospital) for years, both by helping them to build up
their services, but also acting as a scout and networker when connecting them with international R&D or
business partners, investors and national/international funding schemes.
BOOST Global Innovation can assist your health technology clusters by building on existing strengths
and help client organizations to maximize the potential of their commercialization pipelines. We
accomplish this by developing the host organization’s capabilities, introducing new networks of investors
and companies, preferably coming from our well-known Norwegian/Scandinavian health technology
environments, and assisting in the planning and delivery of the technology commercialization process.
Whether partnering or licensing, Slovakian clients need revelation to the widest and most relevant
communities to identify needs, satisfy technology demands, and take technology development forward
and into the market. Our Technology Transfer Services include Technology Scouting and Partnering
Establish or strengthen Innovation Cluster based on Health Technology to encourage the innovative activity
through the promotion of the common use of equipment and specialized knowledge and through effective
contributions towards knowledge transfer, contact setting, information dissemination and collaboration
between enterprises and the other organizations within the cluster.
Analyze, discuss and find partners for strengthening or establishing an innovation cluster on Health
Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to accelerating the development
of new cancer diagnostics and medicines. It gathers almost 70 members from Norway and Northern Europe
representing the entire oncology value chain. Its members include academic research institutions, biotech
companies, pharmaceutical companies, university hospitals, universities, support groups, financial
institutions and regional development players in the field of cancer R&D.
Together the members work to fulfill Oslo Cancer Clusters vision: «We are committed to improving the
lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines. »
Oslo Cancer Cluster has core expertise in the field of *Immuno-Oncology. The cluster is building an exciting
pipeline of novel cancer immunotherapies in preclinical and clinical development – and is well positioned to
contribute to the global race in this area. *Early clinical trials in oncology is also an area of high importance
for the cluster, and are performed both at the Clinical Cancer Research Unit at Oslo University Hospital and
at the Clinical Trial Unit at Haukeland University Hospital. Other centers in Norway are also performing
clinical trials. The aim of the *National Program for Personalized Cancer Medicine is to build a national
cancer diagnostics platform based on next generation sequencing. This will ensure that every cancer
diagnosis triggers molecular testing to identify the right treatment for the individual patient.
BOOST Global Innovation has advised the cluster on how to build up their incubator, ownership and business models.
For better living and better healthcare – Oslo Medtech is a cluster of approx. 180 institutions
comprising of companies, hospitals, investment firms, as well as knowledge and research institutions
– all with a focus on medical technology and innovation.
Oslo Medtech works to facilitate close cooperation between the cluster participants, generating
cooperation between medical technical industry and health care, initiating innovation processes, and
contributing to the development of products and services in medical technology.
The cluster’s goal is that these activities will contribute to a more efficient health care system and be
able to deal with future major health challenges, while continually developing the medical-technical
Oslo Medtech also include some of Norway’s most important research institutes and universities, various
industrial development agencies, companies specializing in QA and standardization issues, as well as
players from the venture capital and finance sector. Norway, together with the rest of the world, faces major
health challenges related to the handling of an increasing aging population, large population diseases and
dramatic cost increases in health care.
They are joined by Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital with their substantial
medical research activity and facilities. Combined they provide healthcare services to over a million
patients each year, and employ health- and medical personnel counting more than 25.000 people.
BOOST Global Innovation has operated some of the development projects in the cluster and is in general
involved in the operation. One of the projects is Nordic PPI-Net which shall serve as the basis of the strengthening
of future pre-commercial and innovative procurement projects within the health sector in the Nordic region. The
purpose is to make these procurement processes simpler and more cost-effective both for the public procurers and for
the companies.
The Intervention Centre is established as an R&D unit at the Clinic for diagnostics and intervention in Oslo
University Hospital, advised by board with representatives from all universities and university hospitals in
The Centre has the following tasks:
 Develop new procedures
 Develop new treatment strategies
 Compare new and existing strategies
 Optimizing and development of advanced imaging techniques
 Study the social, economic, and organizational consequences of new procedures on health care.
IVS is focused on the following research areas: a) MR guided intervention and surgery, b) X-ray, CT,
ultrasound, video guided interventions and surgery, c) Robotics and simulators, d) Sensor technology, data
management and communication technology and e) Physics in MR, CT, X-ray, US, PET and nuclear
The multi-disciplinary staff includes 45 persons (doctors, nurses, radio-graphers, medical physicists and
technologists) operating through the following research groups: a) Medical Sensors, b) Biosensor
Research Group, c) Complement Research Group, d) Technology research, e) Image Processing
Visualization and Navigation, f) Clinical research and g) Medical physics research.
IVS has an extensive industrial collaboration with a number of Norwegian and international industrial
BOOST Global Innovation has built up national health – portals with experts at IVS and developed projects in different
Driv Incubator offers expertise tailored to companies' different needs. The consultants and a network of partners that
are updated on the latest research, technology, projects and market development in terms of health innovation. With
Driv we get access to unique expertise, networks and help to commercialize ideas.
Boost Global Innovation has transformed the incubator from being a project at the university of Buskerud and Vestfold
to a permanent limited company 8 years ago. We were in charge of the whole process from ownership models and
strategy, building up processes for the companies, agreements, financing, contracts and developing the incubator.
Vali offers IT project management and consultancy specialized in health sector. We are a reputable company with high
competence. We have expertise in eHealth, integration, procurement and architecture into practice.
Our services and knowledge are in demand, and we work with what we do best, namely challenging projects with
collaboration in mind. The company has references on delivery to the most modern, new hospitals in Norway within
these services:
Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Project Management, eHealth, Enterprise Architecture, Test
Management, Implementation Projects, Change Management, IT Strategy, IT Consulting, Conversion Projects,
Program Management, Procurement Projects, eHealth.
Boost Global innovation has a partnership agreement with Vali AS and want to deliver projects with them worldwide.
With the above short introduction, BGI will discuss possible ways into cooperation to help reach the goals
for Slovakia in this sector. At this stage, the financing scheme for EEA in Slovakia seems relevant.