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What is the purpose of a team?
The earth is continuously be destructed and constructed by different forces.
There is a key team/partnership that plays a major role in this.
____________________________ and _______________________________
When you think of a beach, what images pop into your mind?
What makes a beach/shoreline?
1. _____________________________- the breakdown of rock
2. _____________________________- the movement of weathered rock
3. _____________________________- the dropping off of weathered rock
How does the process start?
What do we need to begin the process of weathering, erosion, and deposition?
The stronger a wave is, the more Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition can take place.
Putting it all together.
Waves break down rocks along shorelines.
The __________________________the waves, the more _____________________________ occurs.
Waves __________________________________weathered rock particles to different locations.
Waves ________________________________ the rock particles along shorelines, forming beaches.
Headlands & Bays
Sea Cliffs
Sea Arches
Sea Stacks
Sea Caves