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Electrostatics, Current, Circuits and Magnetism Review
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1. According to Coulomb’s law explain how the size of the charges and the distance between them affects
the force.
2. Explain the law of conservation of charge. Can the total charge of an object change?
3. What are the characteristics of an electric field? Draw an electric field diagram for a strong positive
charge, a weak negative charge, and a weak positive and weak negative charge combined.
4. What happens when two like charges are placed close together? Describe the motion that would occur if
two negative charges were held close together and then released?
5. What happens to the force between two charges if the distance is reduced by ½? 1/3? ¼?
6. The ground becomes charged when a charged cloud passes over. By what method is the ground
becoming charged? What happens?
7. How can an object become charged? (Describe 3 ways)
8. What is a conductor? What is an insulator? Give examples of each.
9. Why do electrons transfer charge and not protons?
10. A rubber rod is rubbed with fur and becomes negatively charged. Describe how the rod becomes
negatively charged. What is the charge of the fur?
11. What is electric potential?
12. If work is done to move a charge to a new location, what happens to the electric potential?
13. Why does your hair stand up when you remove your hat?
14. What are the three parts of an atom? What is the charge of each?
15. How can an object become positive? Negative?
16. How could you increase the electrical force between two charges?
17. What are the characteristics of a magnetic object?
18. Draw the electric field lines of force for a positive charge, negative charge and for the two charges
19. What happens if the north pole and south pole of different magnets are placed together?
20. What is an electromagnet? How can the strength be increased? Decreased?
1. Two balloons each acquire a charge of 3 x 10 -7 C. How large is the electric force between the two balloons if
they are 0.64 m apart?
2. The electrostatic force between two charges located 4 meters apart is 0.20 N. What would be the force if the
charges were located 2 meters apart?
3. A force of 0.32 N acts on a charge of 3.4 x 10 –6 C. What is the electric field intensity?
4. A potential difference of 0.7 V exists across a membrane that is 3.2 x 10 -7 m thick. What is the membrane’s
electric field?
5. A 9.0-V battery does 3000 J of work transferring charges. How much charge is transferred?
6. The force between two objects is 72 N. One has a charge of 1.2x106 C and the other has a charge of
2.8 x 10 –6 C. How far apart are the two objects?
7. Two objects are separated by a distance of 2m. One has a charge of 1.5 x 10 –6 C and the other has a charge
of 2.0 x 10 –6 C. What is the electric force between them?