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Revolving Credit: A Profitable Card Option
Build your business through revolving credit
Globally, revolving credit cards are considered by bankers to be the most profitable consumer product
available today. Compared to charge cards, revolving credit cards can generate up to 3 times the return
on equity. By leveraging revolving credit functionality with the MasterCard worldwide acceptance
network, issuers can tap into significant profitability generated by annual fees, transactional income,
and interest bearing balance revenues.
This 2-day course provides a practical guide to launching and managing a profitable revolving credit
card portfolio.
Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Product Managers, and their staff involved in the development
of the credit card issuing business. Strategy and Planning personnel.
Revolving credit functionality
Profitability scenarios and strategies
Product development
Risk management
Operations management
Customer relationship management
MIS and datamining
Co-Branding and Affinity strategies
Identify business opportunities with revolving credit
Understand credit card operations and risk
Develop and manage a successful revolving portfolio
Identify and cultivate valuable customers
Appreciate the 10 commandments of revolving credit
Caroline Martinez - Pay Later Consumer
Andrew Slattery – Merchant Acceptance Development
Attend as well...
Activation Strategy
Credit Scoring: Manage Risk & Increase Profitability
Moscow – May 31-June 1, 2005