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705.2 and 690.2 Multimode Inverter (new)
PROPOSAL: 705.2 and 690.2 Add this following new definition
Multimode Inverter: Equipment having capabilities of both the utility-interactive
inverter and the stand-alone inverter. One of the ac outputs acts like a stand-alone
inverter output and the equipment is used to change a dc input voltage and current
input, usually from a battery system, to ac current and voltage at a nominal voltage
and frequency. This stand-alone ac output voltage is regulated, but the current may
surge above the rated continuous output current and the output terminals will be
energized whether or not a load is connected. Another, separate, ac output acts like
the ac output of a utility-interactive inverter and provides an ac output current and
voltage that matches the waveform, voltage and frequency of the connected utility
supply system. The inverter will not process power and this utility-interactive ac
output of the inverter remains de-energized until the connected utility supply
voltage and frequency have remained within tight tolerances around the nominal
voltage and frequency for five minutes. This ac output has no surge capabilities and
the output current and power levels cannot exceed rated values. This output has no
stand-alone capabilities and must be connected to a utility supply system or other
stable source of ac energy that is able to absorb power from the dc system. The
utility-interactive output of the multimode inverter may also take ac power from the
utility and converter it to dc power that is sent to the dc input terminals for
purposes of charging a connected battery system.
SUBSTANTIATION: This more specific definition is needed to define how the
multi-mode inverter operates in order to clarify some of the connection and critical
safety requirements in this article.
This definition needs to be in both Article 690 and Article 705 because the this
equipment can interface with other equipment covered by requirements in both
See related definitions for stand-alone inverter and utility-interactive inverter.