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Finding Nemo
Please do not write on this paper. Use another sheet of paper.
You may also need to use your book to answer some of these questions.
The answers are not all in the movie, use what you know.
1. What type of biological relationship occurs between a clownfish and a sea
2. What type of fertilization do clownfish do?
3. What is the purpose of laying so many eggs?
4. What type of parental care do clownfish perform?
5. What is one of the species of shark portrayed in the movie?
6. What type of feeders are sharks?
7. What is the purpose of the light on the fish? (There is more than one
8. What is a reason that fish live is schools?
9. Why do jellyfish sting? What is the purpose of the stinging?
10. What is the purpose of the ocean currents for marine organisms?
11. How old is Crush?
12. Name two types of whales.
13. What do some whales eat?
14. Why type of ecosystem is Finding Nemo set in?
15. Do all drains lead to the ocean? Explain why or why not.