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Edith Hamilton’s Mythology pp. 208-223
Part 3-10 Theseus
Theseus is a hero from ________. He spent his childhood with only his ____________. His father, King ________
left for him ____________.
Where did he leave these things and why?
When he grew, what was Theseus like physically, compared to his peers?
He is on a journey to ____________. He refuses to travel by _________, instead he travels by ________.
On his travels, he meets many ____________. What happens to these fellow travelers and why?
What is the rumor all over Greece regarding Theseus?
Describe the series of the events that occur when he reaches the kingdom of King Aegeus.
What is said here about Medea? What sense do you get about her?
How and why does Minos’ son die?
Describe the Minotaur.
Why does Poseidon punish Minos?
Who is Daedalus and what does he build? Describe it.
Who are the TRIBUTES? What is their fate? Be specific.
They appear every ______ years due to the anger of ________.
Why does Theseus offer to be a tribute? Is this something Perseus would have done?
Who is Ariadne and what does she promise?
Does Theseus marry Ariadne?
Why is the ship’s sail still black and not white? Why does King Aegeus kill himself?
As a result of this, the part of the ocean is named the ____________ _____.
Theseus becomes ______ of _______.
How is Theseus NOT a ruler with ALL of the POWER? What does he organize?
What are the Centaurs?
He has a son named ___________ that he sired with one of the Amazons named ___________.What kind of man
does this son become?
Theseus’ wife is ____________, the __________ of Ariadne.
Why does Phaedra want to die?
Why is Theseus devastated upon hearing Artemis’ words while Hippolytus is dying?
How are we shown here, again, why Hippolytus is honorable?
Why is Theseus, although having been banished and removed as king, honored after his death?