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I. 115 years after gaining independence from Britain, the United States was an industrial &
imperial power
A. The United States: 1790-1820
1. The U.S. Economy
a. From 1790 to 1820, most Americans were small-scale _________________________
b. But, a few early ________________________________________ were built in New England
and…Eli Whitney’s __________________________________________ led to a boom in
southern cotton & slavery
2. U.S. Territorial Expansion
a. The American population expanded across the
___________________________________________ Mountains
b. In 1803, Jefferson doubled the size of the USA & gained control of the
_____________________________ River when he bought
_____________________________ from French Emperor Napoleon
3. U.S. Foreign Policy
a. In these early years, the American government was committed to
_____________________________________ in regards to foreign policy
B. The United States: 1820-1860
1. The U.S. Economy
a. From 1820 to 1860, Southern ________________________ made up 60% of American
b. The North had a ________________ economy based on farming ______________
production, & manufacturing
c. Western farmers were connected to Northern industry by roads, canals, &
2. U.S. Territorial Expansion
a. From 1820 to 1860, the USA claimed its
“_____________________________________________” & gained new western lands in
Texas, Oregon, & the southwest
b. By 1850, the USA had all lands from the _____________________ to the
3. U.S. Foreign Policy
a. In 1823, the U.S. declared a new foreign policy called the
b. The USA remained committed to _____________________ in Europe…but promised to
___________________ the Western Hemisphere from European colonization
C. The United States: 1860-1900
1. The U.S. Economy
a. From 1860 to 1900, the United States experienced an
b. The USA became a world leader in railroads, oil, _____________________, & electricity
c. As America became more industrialized, it experienced a rise in
__________________________ & immigration
2. U.S. Territorial Expansion
a. The USA expanded beyond North America & ________________________________ by
gaining new colonies in Latin America & Asia
3. U.S. Foreign Policy
a. With its industry & strong _________, the USA became the “_____________ power” of the
Western Hemisphere
II. American Imperialism
A. Why did the United States imperialize?
1. American ____________________ needed new sources of raw materials &
__________________ to sell their goods
2. By 1890, there were no new lands in the ________________ to expand into & Americans
wanted overseas colonies
3. Americans felt the need to keep up with European _______________________________
4. The U.S. had a modern _____________ & belief that it could _____________________ with
other powerful nations
5. Like Europeans, Americans believed in
________________________________________________ & that they had a duty to
“_________________” the “inferior races” of the world