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Rubenstein Chapter 9: Development – Reading Questions
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1. What is the HDI and what does it measure?
2. What areas have high HDIs? Low HDIs?
3. Define GDP. What does it measure?
4. Contrast the GDP in LDCs and MDCs.
5. Identify and explain all sectors of the economy.
6. Describe the distribution of workers in sectors between MDCs and LDCs.
7. Discuss the importance of raw materials for the development of a state.
8. Compare the literacy rate in MDCs and LDCs.
9. How does the US rate in health care as a public service to other MDCs?
10. Compare life expectancy in MDCs and LDCs.
11. Why is the IMR greater in MDCs?
12. How do Western Europeans make up for their lack of raw materials in order to keep their economy going?
13. How has Japan become such a great industrial power?
14. Explain what it means for a state to have a high GDI? Low GDI? Who are the highest ranked? Lowest?
15. Explain the gender differences between MDCs and LDCs.
16. Explain what it means for a state to have a high GEM? Low GEM? Who are the highest ranked? Lowest?
17. Describe in detail Rostow’s Development Model.
18. What is the purpose of the WTO?
19. How do less developed countries finance development?
20. Discuss the Fair Trade movement.