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Proteins are composed of amino acids
There are 20 amino acid
12 of these amino acids are bodies can manufacture on their own; these are
known as non-essential amino acids
8 amino acids can only be derived through a proper diet; these are known as
essential amino acids
Most protein can be found in meat or meat alternatives such as beans or nuts
Vegetarians must careful balance their food intake in order to obtain all eight
essential amino acids
Vegetarian Diets
Type of Vegetarian
Eats only plant foods
Non-animal foods plus eggs
Non-animal foods plus eggs and dairy
Free-range chickens and other
humanely-treated animals
Amino acids are made-up of
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and
nitrogen molecules
Proteins perform a wide variety of
functions; acting as the structural
component of muscles, hair and
Proteins also perform important roles as enzymes and hormones in the body