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My family is very small, but it is very wonderful and we are very close. I
got married in March 8, 1986 in Guatemala, and I started a family right
away. My family consists of my husband, my daughter, and my son.
My husband’s name is Juan Jose Gonzalez. He is 48 years old. He has a
lot of positive qualities: he is a very nice husband, father, and friend. He
studied in Guatemala, and he graduated with a diploma as on Industrial
Technician. Right now he finished the English program at Pacoima Skills
Center, and he may continue in college. His hobbies are watching soccer
games, playing soccer, coaching soccer teams, traveling to different
places and cities, and eating out. He has worked in the same company for
21 years. It was the first and only job for him in this country, and his position
is supervisor.
My daughter’s name is Maria Gonzalez. She was born in Guatemala, but
right now she is a U.S. citizen. She is 23 years old. She is my oldest child.
She is a very good daughter, sister, and friend. She is a very special person
because she likes to help others. She is an excellent student. She recently
received a Computerized Accounting Certificate. She is currently going to
college and is enrolled in the CNA program. Her hobbies are playing and
coaching soccer, listening to music, traveling to different countries, and
driving to different places and cities. She is currently working as a
customer service representative for Refrigeration Hardware Supply; her
two year anniversary was this month.
My son’s name is Juan Jose Gonzalez Jr. He was born in Guatemala, but
right now he is a U.S. citizen. He is 20 years old. He is my youngest child.
He is a very good son, brother, and friend. He is a respectful person, and he
has noble sentiments. He is very friendly. He is a good student. He recently
received a Computer Graphic Design / Technician Certificate. He is
currently going to college and enrolled in the electrician program at
Pacoima Skills Center. His hobbies are watching TV, playing and coaching
soccer, and traveling to different countries and places with his friends. He
has been in the military services since 06/2007; he is in the Marine Corp
Reserve and his job title is MIMMS (Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance
Management Specialist). He also works full time at Milgard Windows as a
lead man in production.
I enjoy all the time that I spend with my family because my husband, my
daughter, and my son all share the same interests. This is my wonderful
and very close family.
Irma Gonzalez
ESL Intermediate Low, Pacoima Skills Center, Mr. Bakin, April, 2010