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Growth for China
While Western Europe was still in the Middle Ages, China was a well-organized Empire.
The Chinese Empire began in 589 a.d.
The Sui Emperors ruled for 30 years and built a canal system that united Chinese cities
and enabled trade.
This 1000 mile waterway connected the rivers and cities in China.
The Grand Canal was built by peasants under the rule of the Sui dynasty.
When the Sui dynasty ended, the Tang family takes over and expanded Chinese lands.
They claim they have a Mandate from Heaven- or order from heaven.
They ensured that all male citizens served in the army by using a draft system to
choose soldiers.
The Tang dynasty was a Golden Age of development from 618 to 750 in China.
The city of Chang’an was located at the end of the Silk Road, which stretched for 4000
miles across two continents.
The Silk road helped established wealth from trade.
The Chinese government system was based on ability.
Books were printed using block printing and the Chinese invented movable print.
Paper currency was easy to transport.
Chinese porcelain was useful and beautiful.
Chinese art and poetry reflected pride in Chinese Culture and prosperity.
Chinese people studied the religions of Daoism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
Confucianism was China’s official religion.
The Song dynasty claimed a Mandate from Heaven in 960.
Most of China’s 80 million people were peasants, but many others lived in towns and
cities in 1050.
The peasants were tenant farmers and had to pay rent to a landlord.
The peasants had to work from morning to night.
The children did not learn to read or write because they were working in the fields.
New faster growing rice let farmers grow two crops a year and sell the extra in the town
Mongol people from North of the Great Wall conquered Northern China in 1271.
The Yuan Dynasty claimed a mandate from Heaven.
Top 10 Chinese inventions -