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Social Studies Westward Expansion Study Guide
Chapter 10.2: Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase:
Lewis and Clark Expedition:
Zebulon Pike:
Chapter 13
Oregon Country:
Mountain man
Rugged individualist
Oregon Trail
Battle of San Jacinto
Lone Star Republic
Santa Fe Trail
Manifest Destiny
Bear Flag Republic
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Mexican cession:
Gadsden Purchase
Sutter’s Mill
Questions to Know (Chapter 10.2 and Chapter 13)
Why was Napoleon willing to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States?
What goals did Jefferson set for the Lewis and Clark expedition?
Were Lewis and Clark successful in accomplishing the goals set out for them?
What is the concept of Manifest Destiny?
How did John Gast depict Manifest Destiny in his painting? Why did he use this image?
Why did so many Americans move westward between 1830-1860?
Why was the Oregon Territory so appealing to Americans?
What was discovered in California? What effect did this discovery have on this area? Who were the
What were the effects of the Gold Rush?
Who founded the Mormon religion? Why were Mormons persecuted for their beliefs? Who led the
Mormons to settle in present-day Utah? What trail did they take?
How long was the typical trip to the West? What was life like on the Oregon, Santa Fe, and
California Trails?
What happened to the Donner Party?
What role did mountain men play in westward expansion? How did the economics of the fur trade
affect the lives of mountain men? Define rendezvous.
Why were southerners attracted to Texas, which was Mexican territory, in the 1820s? What did
these southerners have to agree to if they settled in Texas?
What issues caused tension between American settlers in Texas and the Mexican government?
Why did Texans revolt for their independence in 1836? What is the significance of the Alamo and
the Battle of San Jacinto?
Why did Texas apply for annexation to the United States? Why did it take the U.S. almost a decade
to admit Texas as a U.S. state? Did Texas come in as a free or slave state?
Who won the Election of 1844?
What were the causes of the Mexican War?
What were the results of the Mexican War? What land did the U.S. acquire in the Treaty of