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Disease Vocabulary
Infectious – A disease that can be transmitted from one person to another either directly
or indirectly.
Non-infectious – Diseases that are not contagious and cannot be spread.
Disease – This is the breakdown in the structure and function of a living organism.
Epidemiologists –Scientists who trace the spread of disease through a population.
Carrier - A person who is infectious but never develops symptoms of the disease or
develops symptoms of the disease after a lengthy period.
Vector – An organism that spreads
disease causing germs usually without
getting sick itself.
Quarantine – Isolation imposed to
keep contagious disease, insects,
pests, etc., from spreading.
Microbe – Microscopic organisms.
Pathogen – Disease causing
organisms such as bacteria, viruses
protists, fungi, etc.
Germ Theory of Disease – The theory that germs cause disease.