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Plate Boundaries: Mid Ocean Ridges
The Formation of Mid-Ocean Ridges
The following sites will help get you answer the following questions. You may
also have to search other sites as well. You may also look for the information
in the online textbook. Websites:
1. What is sea-floor spreading?
2. What is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? Where is it located and how long is
3. What are some of the characteristics of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
4. Copy and paste or draw a diagram illustrating the process of sea-floor
5. How far does the sea-floor spread each year on average?
Tectonic Processes at the Mid-Ocean Ridge
1. The tectonic processes at diverging plate boundaries are less violent
than at other types of boundaries. Suggest three reasons for this.
2. The most common type of volcanic activity in the world occurs at the
crest of mid-ocean ridges. These eruptions underwater create unique
features and ecological niches.
a. Describe how pillow lavas are formed.
b. How do large volcanoes form at mid-ocean ridges?
c. What shape are these volcanoes?
3. Describe how a rift valley is formed. Give an example and draw a
sketch to show the plate directions.
4. What is unique about Iceland’s location? How do the people there
benefit from this? How is it a problem?