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1. cell
The basic building block of life
2. tissue
A group of cells of the same
3. organ
A group of tissues of different
kinds working together to
perform a task
A group of organs working
4. organ system
5. circulatory system
6. artery
A body system made up of the
heart, blood vessels, and blood.
The heart pumps blood through
blood vessels in the body. The
blood carries food, oxygen, and
A blood vessel that carries blood
away from the heart
7. vein
A large blood vessel that returns
blood into the heart
8. capillaries
Very small blood vessels
9. skeletal system
A body system made of bones
that protect the body organs and
give shape and support
A body system made of muscles
that contract and relax to move
body parts
10. muscular system
11. heart
12. spinal cord
13. nerve
14. digestive system
15. respiratory system
16. nervous system
17. brain
The muscle that pumps blood
through blood vessels to all
parts of the body
The tube of nerves that run
through your spine, or backbone
A group of neurons that carries
signals from the brain to the
body and from the body to the
A body system made of the
stomach, small intestine, and
large intestine which changes
food so it can be used as energy
by the body
A body system that is made up
of lungs which bring oxygen
into the body and gets rid of
carbon dioxide
A body system that is made of
the brain, spinal cord, and
nerves which send and receive
messages to all parts of the body
The control center of your
nervous system
Cerebrum-speaking, remembering,
problem solving, and senses
Cerebellum- balance, posture, and
Brain stem- heartbeat, breathing,
and digestion
18. lungs
The main organs of the
respiratory system