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A. Cardiovascular system
1. heart, blood vessels, blood
2. functions:
a. carries needed substances to
b. carries waste products away
c. contains cells that fight disease
3. Needed materials:
- O, glucose
4. Waste Products:
-CO other toxins
5. Disease Fighters
- immune system- WBC’s attack pathogens
B. The Heart
1. a pump size of your fist
2. each heart beat, pushes blood
through blood vessels
3. over a lifetime, heart can beat 3
billion times, it never tires.
4. The Heart’s Structure:
-2 sides:
Atrium- receives blood
Ventricles- pumps blood out of the heart
Valve- a flap separating each chamber
-prevents blood to flow back
5. Two phases of the heart:
a. phase 1-heart muscle relaxes and fills
with blood
b. phase 2-heart muscle contracts and
pumps blood forward
C. Pacemaker
- found in the right atrium
-sends signal that make the heart
-receives messages about the body’s
oxygen need
D. Blood Vessels
1. arteries: carry blood ways from the heart
2. capillaries: substances are exchanged between
blood and body cells
3. veins: carry blood back to the heart
E. Two loops:
1. to the lungs and back
2. to the body and back