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Weather Unit Review Sheet
(p. 308-341)
Due Date: 3/1/10
Test Date: 3/2/10
Know all vocabulary in the chapter
What are the four forms of precipitation?
What is the sky like when precipitation is most likely to occur?
What are the four layers of the atmosphere, and in which layer does
weather occur?
5. What would be the characteristics of an air mass that forms over the
Arctic Ocean and the North Pole?
6. What happens in evaporation?
7. What tool is used to measure: wind, rain, air pressure, and
8. What type of front has air masses that are not moving?
9. What is a low pressure system, and what would it look like on a map?
10.What is the symbol for cold, warm, and stationary fronts?
11.What happens to the temperature when a cold front is moving in? a
warm front?
12.Sketch the water cycle and label each of the five vocabulary words
that occur in it: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, groundwater,
and runoff