Frozen cultural plasticity
1. Prezygotic isolating mechanisms include all of the following except
the science of evolution the myth of creationism
Adaptation and Natural Selection
Missing the Revolution: Darwinism for Social
- California State University
(Part 2)》(Jonathan Sarfati)
Evolutionary theory : a `good` explanatory framework for research
Darwinian Evolutionary Ideas in Business
Matters of LIfe and Death
Life Origins, Classification, Evolution
Concept 15.2: Evolution is usually a remodeling process
evolution and religion: theory, definitions, and the natural selection
The Cambrian Explosion: Biology`s Big Bang
Tribal Social Instincts and the Cultural Evolution of Institutions to
is the answer really blowing in the wind?assessing the impact of
A framework for the unification of the behavioral sciences
Turchin P, Currie, TC. 2016. Cultural Group Selection