The Law of Presidential Transitions and the 2000 Election
The Latin American State: "Failed" or Evolving?
The Last War of Religion
the last days of disco: why the american political system is
The Internet and Democracy - Dr. Michael L. Best
The International Monetary Fund: A review of the recent evidence
The Individual Mandate`s Due Process Legality
The Impoverished Politics of Poverty
The Impact of Tolerance on Political Behavior
The History of the American Police
Samuel Klug - Department of History
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Sample of Citations 2010-2016
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Same Principals, Same Agents, Different Institutions
Saddam`s Trial a missed opportunity
Rwanda: Ensuring public and individual freedoms
Russia`s Many Foreign Policies - The George Washington University
Russia Looks Out for Own Interests in Europe`s Elections But Risks
Russia (Chechens)