An Interview with Roy Ellen
Abstract: It is customary to assume that the lives of small
Chapter 1: The Discipline of Anthropology
Chapter 11: Theory in Cultural Anthropology
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chapter 1
chapter - International Institute of Anthropology
Box 5.2 Was Cooking the Driving Force of Human Evolution?
Blood of My Blood - The George Washington University
Between Animatism and Pantheism: Religion and the Supernatural
Beat Mexico: Bohemia, Anthropology, and “the Other”
Bearable Precariousness of being a Lifestyle Migrant Roger Norum
Barter in practice: a case study of liwac transaction in
A Brief Appraisal of Cultural Heritage of Ao Nagas in Nagaland
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368 Courses • Aerospace / Anthropology
BA in Anthropology
ARCHITECTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - And why architects are afraid of involving