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simplifying expressions
Simplify. 16. 17. x x x + - - 3 5 24 18. Perform the indicated operation
Simplify each expression. 1. (x )(7x ) ANSWER: 7x 2. (5a bc )(−6a bc
Significant Figures
Shading Fractions - Primary Resources
Section 2.1 – Integers, Absolute Values, and Opposites
Section 1.8 Algebraic Expressions: Like Terms
Section 1.1: Functions from the Numerical, Algebraic, and Graphical
Section 1.1: Four Ways to Represent a Function
Section 1-3: Segments and Their Measures
Scientific Notations
• Equations involving an unknown function and its derivatives
Тема NUMERALS The numeral is a part of speech which indicates Number Series In logical reasoning number
Writing and Solving Word Problems 1.3.1 Write and solve number
Write the number in scientific notation.
Write an equation of a line that passes through the given point and is