Foundations of Functional Programming
Folien - Professur für Künstliche Intelligenz und Softwaretechnologie
CS 403 - Programming Languages
CS 135 - School of Computer Science Student WWW Server
Concepts of Functional Programming
Computer Science 203 Programming Languages Bindings
Compound term
Compiling Functional Programming Languages (FPLs) λ
Exact Bayesian Inference by Symbolic Disintegration
Einführung in die funktionale Programmierung, Wintersemester
Declarative Programming in Escher
curried functions - Universitatea "Politehnica"
CSE 341 - Unit 4
CSC 533: Programming Languages Spring 2015
Higher-order functions
Getting Started With . . . Haskell for Knowledge Representation
Functions, recursion and lists
Functional Programming, an introduction