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ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles
Earth and Planetary Sciences > Journal of Hydrology
October to December 2013
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1. A review of drought concepts • Review article
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 391, Issue 1-2, September 2010,
Pages 202-216
Mishra, A.K.; Singh, V.P.
Cited by Scopus (201)
2. Flood risk and flood management
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 267, Issue 1-2, October 2002, Pages
Plate, E.J.
of Hydrology
of Hydrology
Cited by Scopus (120)
to December
to December
3. Beneath the surface of global change: Impacts of climate
change on groundwater • Review article
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 405, Issue 3-4, August 2011, Pages 532560
Green, T.R.; Taniguchi, M.; Kooi, H.; Gurdak, J.J.; Allen, D.M.; Hiscock,
K.M.; Treidel, H.; Aureli, A.
Cited by Scopus (80)
4. Examination of residence time and its relevance to water quality within a coastal megastructure: The Palm Jumeirah Lagoon
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 468-469, October 2012, Pages 111-119
Cavalcante, G.H.; Kjerfve, B.; Feary, D.A.
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5. Hydrograph separation using stable isotopes: Review and evaluation • Review article
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 505, November 2013, Pages 47-64
Klaus, J.; McDonnell, J.J.
6. Derivation of low flow distribution functions using copulas
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 508, January 2014, Pages 273-288
Yu, K.x.; Xiong, L.; Gottschalk, L.
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7. Drought modeling - A review • Review article
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 403, Issue 1-2, June 2011, Pages 157-175
Mishra, A.K.; Singh, V.P.
Cited by Scopus (47)
8. Developing tailored climate change scenarios for hydrological impact assessments
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 508, January 2014, Pages 307-321
Ntegeka, V.; Baguis, P.; Roulin, E.; Willems, P.
9. Evidence for intensification of the global water cycle: Review and synthesis
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 319, Issue 1-4, March 2006, Pages 83-95
Huntington, T.G.
Cited by Scopus (452)
10. Climate change impacts on groundwater and dependent ecosystems
Journal of Hydrology
Klove, B.; Ala-Aho, P.; Bertrand, G.; Gurdak, J.J.; Kupfersberger, H.; Kvaerner, J.; Muotka, T.;
Mykra, H.; Preda, E.; Rossi, P.; Uvo, C.B.; Velasco, E.; Pulido-Velazquez, M.
11. Spatial prediction of flood susceptible areas using rule based decision tree (DT) and a
novel ensemble bivariate and multivariate statistical models in GIS
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 504, November 2013, Pages 69-79
Tehrany, M.S.; Pradhan, B.; Jebur, M.N.
12. Assessing the influence of rain gauge density and distribution on hydrological model
performance in a humid region of China
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 505, November 2013, Pages 1-12
Xu, H.; Xu, C.Y.; Chen, H.; Zhang, Z.; Li, L.
13. Game theory and water resources
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 381, Issue 3-4, February 2010, Pages 225-238
Madani, K.
Cited by Scopus (72)
14. Seasonal evolution of runoff from Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland and implications
for glacial geomorphic processes
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 309, Issue 1-4, July 2005, Pages 133-148
Swift, D.A.; Nienow, P.W.; Hoey, T.B.; Mair, D.W.F.
Cited by Scopus (20)
15. Evaluation of 1D and 2D numerical models for predicting river flood inundation
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 268, Issue 1-4, November 2002, Pages 87-99
Horritt, M.S.; Bates, P.D.
Cited by Scopus (272)
16. A GIS-based model for urban flood inundation
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 373, Issue 1-2, June 2009, Pages 184-192
Chen, J.; Hill, A.A.; Urbano, L.D.[15/01/2015 19:01:22]
ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles
Cited by Scopus (30)
17. The impacts of climate change and land cover/use transition on the hydrology in the
upper Yellow River Basin, China
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 502, October 2013, Pages 37-52
Cuo, L.; Zhang, Y.; Gao, Y.; Hao, Z.; Cairang, L.
18. The impact of climate change on runoff in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 505, November 2013, Pages 188-201
Li, F.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, Z.; Teng, J.; Liu, C.; Liu, W.; Mpelasoka, F.
19. Isolating the impacts of climate change and land use change on decadal streamflow
variation: Assessing three complementary approaches
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 507, December 2013, Pages 63-74
Wang, S.; Zhang, Z.; R. McVicar, T.; Guo, J.; Tang, Y.; Yao, A.
20. Simplified forms for the standardized FAO-56 Penman-Monteith reference
evapotranspiration using limited weather data
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 505, November 2013, Pages 13-23
Valiantzas, J.D.
21. Modeling the impact of land use change on the hydrology of a rural watershed
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 497, August 2013, Pages 97-109
Ozturk, M.; Copty, N.K.; Saysel, A.K.
22. On the spatio-temporal dynamics of soil moisture at the field scale
Journal of Hydrology
Vereecken, H.; Huisman, J.A.; Pachepsky, Y.; Montzka, C.; van der Kruk, J.; Bogena, H.;
Weihermuller, L.; Herbst, M.; Martinez, G.; Vanderborght, J.
23. The value and limitations of Participatory Action Research methodology
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 474, December 2012, Pages 11-21
Mackenzie, J.; Tan, P.L.; Hoverman, S.; Baldwin, C.
24. Urban stormwater treatment using bioretention
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 397, Issue 3-4, February 2011, Pages 167-174
Trowsdale, S.A.; Simcock, R.
Cited by Scopus (20)
25. Power of the Mann-Kendall and Spearman's rho tests for detecting monotonic trends
in hydrological series
Journal of Hydrology, Volume 259, Issue 1-4, March 2002, Pages 254-271
Yue, S.; Pilon, P.; Cavadias, G.
Cited by Scopus (351)
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