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Chapter 10 Study Guide
1. Tribute: ____________________________________________________________________________
2. Neutral rights: _______________________________________________________________________
3. Embargo: ___________________________________________________________________________
4. Frigate: _____________________________________________________________________________
5. Privateer: ___________________________________________________________________________
6. The election of 1800 was decided by _____________________________________________________
7. In the election of 1800 the Federalists supported _____________________________ to be President
for a second term.
8. This Act set up regional courts for the United States ________________________________________
9. The case that represented the first time the Supreme Court reviewed and ruled on acts of the other
branches of government was the _______________________________________________________
10. The philosophy Jefferson believed in which was to reduce the power and size of the government is
called: ____________________________________________________
11. John Adams had named ____________________________________________ to be Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court.
12. In order to prevent another tied election between a presidential and vice-presidential candidate,
Congress passed the _______________________________________________________________.
13. In Jefferson’s Presidency all government funds were to come from the sale of Western lands and taxes
on imported goods called: ____________________________________________________________
14. The last minute judicial appointments by Adams were called: ________________________________
15. Jefferson felt that if ______________________________________ controlled the Louisiana Territory
it would hurt American trade on the Mississippi River.
16. The revolt in ______________________________________ had an effect on France’s plans in the U.S.
17. After 18 months the Lewis and Clark expedition reached :___________________________________
18. The Lewis and Clark expedition collected valuable information on ____________________________
19. A group of Federalists plotted to ___________________________________ from the United States.
20. Before it was transferred in 1802, the Louisiana Territory belonged to _________________________
21. After the Louisiana Territory was secretly transferred it belonged to___________________________
22. The size of the US _____________________________________________ with the Louisiana Purchase.
23. The Grand Peak was named by the explorer: ______________________________________________
24. As a result of a duel _______________________________________________________________ died.
25. How did candidates campaign for the election of 1800? ______________________________________
26. __________________________ was the Barbary Coast (North African) nation that declared war on the
US during Jefferson’s presidency.
27. The British violated US neutral rights in the following ways: ___________________________________
28. The Native Americans allied themselves with the _____________________ in the War of 1812
29. Tecumseh was the _________________ or leader of the _____________ Tribe. His brother,
__________________________ was the tribe’s spiritual leader and his ally. He was killed at the Battle
of ________________________. When he died, hopes died for__________________________
30. ____________________________ destroyed the British naval forces at Lake Erie?
31. wrote “The Star Spangled Banner” while watching the attack at Fort ___________________________
in the Harbor at _____________________, _______________________
32. ______________________________________ attacked the Creek Indian tribe in March of 1814 and
then, in January of 1815 he had the greatest victory of the War at the Battle of ___________________
and would help him later become president.
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