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Giant Reed (ARDO4)
Arundo donax, Poaceae (Grass family)
Often found near wet areas like storm
drains and roadside ditches
© Amanda Chau
Plant form
• Perennial grass, grows to > 20’ (6 m)
• Very large, thick-stemmed grass
• Thicket forming
• Alternate leaves with parallel veins
• 2 to 3” (5 to 8 cm) at base and taper
to a point
© Amanda Chau
Giant Reed (ARDO4)
Arundo donax, Poaceae (Grass family)
Spread by:
Rhizomes (underground stems) and
plant fragments. Do not produce
viable seeds
© Amanda Chau
Hand pull small plants. Hand-dig
with a grubbing tool and remove
underground rhizomes
© Amanda Chau
• Plum-like inflorescences in
late summer are 1 to 2’ (0.3
to 0.6 m)
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