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Dell Training Services
Oracle 10g SQL Programming
You Will Learn:
•Relational Database and SQL Overview
•How to Use Oracle SQL*Plus
•SQL Queries - The SELECT Statement
•Scalar Functions
•SQL Queries - Joins
•Aggregate Functions and Advanced Techniques
•Data Manipulation and Transactions
•Data Definition and Control Statements
•Database Design Concepts
•SQL Subqueries
•Hierarchical Queries
•Object Types
•Times, Dates, and Strings
•Temporary Tables
•SQL Tuning Tools
•Oracle Analytic Functions
•Data Warehouse Features
•Formatting Reports with SQL*Plus
Who Should Attend:
Oracle 10g SQL Programming is a five-day course where students will learn how to create, retrieve,
and manipulate objects in Oracle10g Structured Query Language (SQL). Students will also be introduced to Oracle10g database features and tools. Students will go on to develop deeper insight into
relational database design and RDBMS operation, learn concepts and specific SQL syntax for extended
Oracle data types, learn analysis and tuning techniques to increase SQL performance, and master
advanced features of Oracle SQL for large data sets and data warehouses.
Relational Database and SQL Overview
SQL Subqueries
Scalar Functions
Times, Dates, and Strings
Using Oracle SQL*Plus
Temporary Tables
SQL Queries - Joins
SQL Tuning Tools
SQL Queries - The SELECT Statement
Oracle Analytic Functions
Aggregate Functions and Advanced
Data Warehouse Features
Data Manipulation and Transactions
•Application developers
Data Definition and Control Statements
•Database administrators
•System administrators and users who write
applications and procedures that access an Oracle10g
Recommended Prerequisites:
Stored Procedures and Functions
SQL Tuning
Formatting Reports with SQL*Plus
Appendix A - The Data Dictionary
Other Database Objects
Database Design Concepts
• None
Instructor-Led Training Includes:
• Each student receives a course manual which includes
step-by-step instruction and practice labs
Course Length:
• Five days
Delivery Method
Instructor-led at customer location
To learn more about Dell Training & Certification, contact your Dell Account Executive or any of the following:
Phone: 1-866-360-3506 (US & Canada only)
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