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Executive summary
The Benthos Ecology Working Group (BEWG) was hosted by Ifremer and held its
2014 meeting at the Station marine de Dinard - CRESCO, both in Dinard, France. The
meeting was attended by 26 participants, representing 10 countries.
The meeting was structured along the four BEWG core business issues: Benthic longterm series and climate change, benthic indicators, species distribution modelling and
disentanglement of the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
Six initiatives were further developed during the workshop:
Further planning of the ongoing work already initiated under the
Getting the Benthic Long-term Series Network (BeLTS-net) launched.
Initiation of the investigation of benthic indicators’ comparability and
Final revision of the BEWG review paper: “Species distribution modelling
and mapping in the marine environment and its relevance for ecosystem
Further development of the link between ecosystem functioning and benthic diversity.
Further development of the position paper on “Linking benthic ecology to
ecosystem services”.
Four new initiatives (case studies) were developed and launched during the workshop:
Case study: “Towards the quantitative benthic species distribution modeling for ecosystem functioning: linking bioturbation potential with nitrate
Case study: “On the variability in expert assessment of benthic species tolerances / sensitivities, as used in several multimetric indices”.
Case study: “Towards efficient and effective monitoring programmes for
benthic multrimetric indices”.
Case study: “On biological trait analysis in benthic ecology”.
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