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Aligning Key Marketing Initiatives
with Firm Objectives: A Tactical
Silvia L. Coulter, Vice President, Hildebrandt Baker Robbins
Nathaniel G. Ford, Partner, Faegre & Benson
Today’s Agenda
• Using the “voice of the firm” to shape your
team’s strategy
• Holding firm management and your team
• Connecting with important stakeholders
• Professional development for your team
• Integrating marketing and business
development effectively
Shaping Your Team’s Strategy
• Solicit input from firm management
• Follow the path of the firm
• Listen to your clients
• Align strategic objectives and implementation
Accountability Up and Down
• Develop measurable goals
– Revenue goals
• Marketing Dept. and Firm Departments
• Transparency is important for successful
– Good or bad success can be helpful
Stakeholder Buy In Facilitates Success
• Collaboration and communication with key
• Motivate and reward the team
Knowledge Unlocks Doors
• Develop a professional development game plan that supports
the Marketing/Business Development Plan and the Firm’s
• Focusing on executing a plan—specific industry focus
– Industry conferences
– Understanding needs of clients
– Track the spend and the ROI; assess success
• Leverage research tools and client surveys
Effectively Integrating Marketing and
Business Development
• Align the Marketing Department to be totally
integrated with Business Development
– The culture depends heavily on marketing support
• Activities that enhance firm reputation
• Systems and tools to increase efficiencies
• Research to support sales strategies
• Solicit firm support for building the right team
• Institutionalize processes and procedures to
drive alignment of strategy
Three Things You Can Do Now
• Interview key stakeholders
• Design a business development training
• Drive target list development
Thank you.
Silvia L. Coulter;
Nathaniel G. Ford;