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Cell Wall and Cell Membrane
By: Ben Pincus, Melinda Altamore,
Christopher Scanlan, and Allie
Cell Wall
• Outside of cell membrane
• Three layers of cell wall: Middle lamella,
primary wall, and secondary wall
• Middle Lamella- outer wall of the cell formed
during cell division
• Primary Wall- formed after middle lamella
consists of a rigid skeleton
• Secondary Wall- extremely rigid and provides
compression strength
Surrounds cells
Protects Cell Membrane
Structural support and protection
Determines shape of cell
Allows exchange of substances
Animal/Plant Cells
• Only Plant Cells contain the Cell Wall
• Animal Cells only have a tough Cell Membrane
Cell Membrane
• Composed of lipids, proteins and
• Lipids are the main fabric
• Proteins determine the membranes functions
Functions of Cell Membrane
• Creates a barrier between the inside of the
cell of the outside
• Determines what goes in and out of the cell
Animal and Plant Cells
Animal and plant cells both have a cell
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