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Ch. 3.3: Radical
Days of the
Pgs. 121-126
Terms and
o Suffrage
o Robespierre
o Reign of
o Guillotine
o Napoleon
o Nationalism
What happened to the royal family on August 10, 1792?
Mobs forced them to flee to the National Assembly for protection
What happened in Paris in September, 1792?
Nobles and priests held in the city’s prisons were massacred by the mobs.
What did they vote to establish?
Suffrage (the right to vote) and created the French Republic
What happened in January 1793? What happened in October 1793?
King Louis XVI was beheaded. Marie Antoinette was beheaded.
Why did the National Convention create the Committee of Public Safety?
They wanted to protect the revolution by punishing those going against it (counterrevolutionaries).
Who became the leader of the Committee of Public Safety? What was his
Robespierre (the Incorruptible)
According to Robespierre, how could France achieve a “republic of virtue?”
Everyone could be good when living in fear. Public executions were a form of
punishment by example.
Who was put on trial during the Reign of Terror? How many were executed?
Enemies of the revolution. Approximately 17,000 were killed by the guillotine.
Why did members of the National Convention turn on Robespierre?
Robespierre began to turn on his friends and they feared they would be sent to the
What did the Constitution of 1795 set up?
A 5-man Directory to govern France. It also created the 3rd constitution since
What did the revolution and war give the people of France?
Fighting against Austria, Prussia, and Britain gave people a sense of nationalism
(pride in their country).
What did the revolutionaries set up in France? What did they abolish in
their colonies?
Established schools, help for the poor, trained soldiers, abolished slavery in
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