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Chapter 8, Lesson 2
1a. At its height, what area did the Roman
Empire cover?
It stretched from Britain to Egypt and
included all the lands around the
1b. How did Rome handle the difficulties of
governing its large empire?
The Romans divided the empire into
provinces. Each one had a governor and the
support of the army.
2a. What did the Romans learn from the
The Romans learned math, astronomy, and
philosophy. They borrowed Greek
architecture and Greek gods and goddesses.
2b. How did the Romans’ technological
achievements help them to strengthen their
The Romans used technology to build roads
and aqueducts. They used arches to build
buildings taller and concrete to build
buildings stronger.
What was the Justinian code of law?
The Justinian code of law was a set of laws
created by the emperor Justinian for the
Roman Empire. It was the first code of
justice. It stated that a person accused of
a crime had a right to face his or her
accuser. It also established the idea that
if reasonable doubt existed as to the guilt
of a person, that person had to be found
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