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2013 Volume II - Max Planck Institut für ethnologische Forschung
חוברת התקצירים - האגודה האנתרופולוגית הישראלית
Utility of the sternum to estimate sex and age
The Mystery of the Bones
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Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, 2002-2015
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Link for Mystery of the bones Standard anatomy
Forging the Volksgeist: Herder in Hungary, then and now
File - Mr. Robert W. Hamblin
Discussion Questions The Archaeology of African American Life (Reading 23) Reading 23
Cristiana Giordano`s Migrants in Translation
Chapter 1 / Lesson 3: Societies of West Africa
Anthropology - Pluto Press
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Video Lessons Anthropology 102 Cultural Anthropology: Our Diverse World
The Song Dynasty: Rise of Meritocracy