Selectional restrictions in natural language sentence generation
Proto-Roles and Case Selection in Optimality Theory
Patterns of Dative-Nominative Alternations
pages 373–393 - CSLI Publications
Overview on Annotation of Ellipses
Münchhausen-style head movement and the analysis of verb second
Jessica Nowak. 2015. Zur Legitimation einer 8. Ablautreihe. Eine
Introduction - Friedrich-Schiller
Icelandic non-nominative subjects Facts and implications
functional interpretations
Free relative clauses: a new teaching approach for
For, zu and feature inheritance
Dutch and German R-pronouns and P-stranding: R you sure it`s P
Clause Structure and X
Auxiliary selection in the Early New High German perfect tenses
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Areal-typological aspects of word
Aalborg Universitet Implementation of Danish in the Natural
A framework for syntactic translation
A Comparison of French and ... Auxiliary Verb Selection: The HAVE/BE Alternation ,.