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Types of Precipitation
Can be defined as the result or product of the condensation of atmospheric
water ___________ which falls to or is deposited on the surface of the
When water droplets in a cloud combine or grow to a diameter between
_________ mm and ______ mm they will then fall to the ground as rain.
Most rain begins as ___________ that stick together and melt as they fall
through the warmer air.
The crystals in clouds stick ___________ and form larger flakes.
If the air is cold the snowflakes will fall to the ___________.
Snow Flurries:
Snow flurries show up __________ and often take people by surprise.
Flurries are a brief _________________ of snow that can be an
indication that something more _______________ is on the way.
Sleet is formed when snowflakes meet ________ air and turn into ______.
but then meet colder air closer to the ground and ____________ again.
When they freeze again they do not form __________ they form ice
pellets called ___________.
Freezing Rain:
This forms when the air is warm enough to allow ____________ to fall but
the ground and objects below are below the ________________ point.
When the rain hits the ground or objects near the ground, it will freeze
Freezing Drizzle:
Freezing drizzle is very similar to freezing __________ in that the
drizzle freezes instantly once it hits the cold ______________.
The difference is that the droplets are much _____________ than
the rain drops in freezing rain.
Hail begins as frozen raindrops known as _________________. Instead of
falling directly to the ground they are carried by the wind into large
___________________ clouds.
If the temperature inside the cloud is at or ______________ freezing
they combine with ________________ that coat and freeze on the
hailstones which fall to the ground.