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IDT Press Contact:
Dean Solov
Public Relations Manager
Phone: (408) 284-2608
E-mail: [email protected]
New IDT Family of RF Devices Targets Broadband and CATV Markets
The F1975 and F1977 75-Ohm Digital Step Attenuators Deliver
Ultra-High Linearity and Glitch-Free Performance to Support Increased Data Rates
SAN JOSE, Calif., March 2, 2016— Integrated Device Technology, Inc.® (IDT®)
(NASDAQ: IDTI) today expanded its RF portfolio with the addition of a new family of digital
step attenuators (DSAs) optimized for the demanding requirements of the broadband and CATV
markets. The ultra-high-linearity 75-ohm DSAs feature IDT’s industry-first Glitch-FreeTM
technology for enhanced performance.
“DSAs provide gain control in a wide range of applications including CMTS, fiber
distribution networks, HFC distribution nodes, and CATV infrastructure and data network
equipment,” said Chris Stephens, general manager of IDT’s RF division. “IDT’s new DSAs
address the increased data rates required for the data-intensive applications of today and
tomorrow, including the latest DOCSIS 3.1 requirements.”
The F1975 and F1977 deliver very low insertion loss and distortion, and have much higher power
handling with pinpoint attenuation accuracy than competing devices, giving customers the performance
needed to achieve higher data rates in their system. The Glitch-Free capabilities help to ensure low
overshoot and ringing during MSB transitions, and the 75-ohm impedance offers ease of integration in the
target applications. Additionally, the F1977 is the industry’s first monolithic silicon, 75-ohm Glitch-Free,
7-bit DSA, enabling customers to achieve 0.25dB gain control while maintaining industry-leading RF
“The implementation of DOCSIS 3.1 and continued expansion of fiber networks to
increase data rates creates an inflection point that requires RF components with much higher
performance than before,” Stephens said. “IDT's technology and core innovations are ideal for
meeting the higher-performance requirements of these new systems.”
F1975 and F1977 Parameters
F1975 (4x4mm)
F1977 (5x5mm)
Frequency range
# Bits / Step Size
6 / 0.5dB
7 / 0.25dB
Max Operating Power
up to 28
up to 28
P0.1dB (1 GHz)
Insertion Loss (1GHz)
Return Loss
Max Step Error (1 GHz)
IIP3 (1 GHz)
IDT led the industry with the first DSA products incorporating Glitch-Free technology,
Introduced and patented by IDT in 2012, Glitch-Free technology protects amplifiers and analog
to digital converters from damage during transitions between attenuation states.
The F1975 and F1977 are fully production released with inventory available at authorized
IDT resellers for sampling and production. The F1975, priced at $1.16 each in a lot of 10,000, is
offered in a compact 4 x 4 mm 20-TQFN package; the F1977, priced at $1.45 each in a lot of
10,000, comes in a compact 5 x 5 mm 32-QFN package.
About IDT RF Products
IDT offers high-performance and full-featured radio frequency (RF) products that deliver
exceptional performance in compact packages. All IDT RF signal path devices are silicon based,
offering inherent advantages over GaAs-based products. The portfolio includes RF mixers, fixed
and variable gain amplifiers (VGA), digital step attenuators (DSA), demodulators, broadband
modulators, RF switches, and wideband voltage variable attenuators. IDT’s RF devices are ideal
for use in such products as cellular 4G base stations, broadband repeaters, distributed antenna
systems and microwave backhaul equipment.
About IDT
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. develops system-level solutions that optimize its
customers' applications. IDT's market-leading products in RF, timing, wireless power transfer,
serial switching and interfaces are among the company's broad array of complete mixed-signal
solutions for the communications, computing, consumer, automotive and industrial segments.
Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing, sales facilities and
distribution partners throughout the world. IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select
Stock Market® under the symbol "IDTI." Additional information about IDT is accessible at Follow IDT on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.
© 2016, IDT. IDT and the IDT logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Integrated Device Technology, Inc., or its
wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world. All other brands, product names and marks are or may be trademarks or registered
trademarks used to identify products or services of their respective owners.